HearNotes Earbuds Debut at International CES ’15, WireFree Solution for Superior Mobile Music


# Lets Listeners “Cut Loose” With Hi-Fi Audio Anytime, Anywhere, Without Getting Tangled Up in Wires

Las Vegas, NV (CES 2015), January 4, 2014 ̶- HearNotes Inc., creator of the first premium WireFree™ earbuds for superior mobile audio, announced today their debut generation, ‘The Universal Edition.’ The company will be exhibiting this advancement in portable audio at the 2015 International CES, January 6-9, in Las Vegas, Sands Hotel booth . Designed for anyone who listens to music on the go and is frustrated with tangled wires or the limitations of wireless alternatives, HearNotes is a breakthrough solution that vastly surpasses Bluetooth® counterparts.   Based on Kleer® wireless (and compatible with Bluetooth devices), HearNotes transforms the mobile music experience by delivering pristine audio quality, with unprecedented convenience, utility, style, and comfort in earbuds—meeting a longstanding market demand for such an evolution in the headphone industry.

HearNotes: The WireFree Solution™

“We’re cutting all the wires – not just from your earbuds to your device, but also from ear to ear,” said Patrick Donohue, Founder and CEO, HearNotes. “The revolutionary technology and design enhances your music, your way: the songs you love, wirefree, streaming in crystal clear high fidelity with a new standard of mobility and freedom so you can finally cut loose.”

HearNotes vs traditional earbuds

 “If there’s one thing that I can get universal agreement around in focus groups is that consumers think Bluetooth audio stinks,” said independent technology industry pundit, Patrick Moorhead.1 “While consumers appreciate the pervasiveness of Bluetooth, they also offer unaided that pairing is a complete nightmare, when pairing is complete it’s an unreliable connection, and for audiophiles, they think the audio quality is too low.” Moorhead continues, “…HearNotes has the potential to give folks like Apple’s Beats, Bose, Sennheiser, JayBird, SOL Republic and Sony a run for their money in headphones.”

HearNotes: The WireFree Solution

The HearNotes package includes:

  • A pair of WireFree earbuds equipped with premium speakers
  • Versatile transmitter that plugs into any 3.5mm headphone jack to instantly transmit hi-fi wireless audio to the earbuds
  • Charging pad that inductively charges the earbuds and transmitter, and also serves as a protective carrying case for secure storage and transport

Highlight features are:

  • Kleer technology delivers audio that is superior to Bluetooth ̶ without wires
  • Transmission range 25-50 feet, with four-plus hours of playtime
  • No clumsy Bluetooth “pairing,” latency issues or signal interference
  • Comfortable, snug fit that’s perfect for exercise
  • Elegant, attractive design

In addition to the HearNotes earbuds debut exhibit at the CES ’15 Sands Hotel Exhibit 74437, HearNotes Inc. will announce its at the January 6 Living in Digital Times press conference at the Venetian Hotel (Galileo Room 902, L1, 10 to 11:15 AM), and on Weds, January 7th, HearNotes’ Patrick Donohue will present noteworthy insights regarding Wearables for Women as part of the FamilyTech Summit executive panel discussion, also at the Venetian (Bellini Room 2006, L2, 4:30 to 5).

According to industry pundits, the U.S. stereo headphone market is valued at more than $2 billion, with sales of premium headphones accounting for nearly half of that.2  Yet, the core technology has remained strangely underdeveloped, and a shifting landscape has unveiled a vast segment of consumers that are savvier than their predecessors and for whom sub-quality mobile audio is not acceptable. Enter HearNotes, making the bold move to answer the call for significant progress in portable audio.

HearNotes was also recently named by Fundable as a finalist in the Staples-sponsored Crowd2Shelf contest, formally launches at CES, and will be in retail channels with a MSRP of $349 nationwide in early 2015.

HearNotes Inc. is a San Francisco-based startup pioneering the evolution of portable audio technology to advance the mobile music listening experience. Designed for anyone who listens to music on the go and continues to be frustrated with tangled wires or the known limitations of so-called wireless alternatives, HearNotes represents a breakthrough solution that vastly surpasses its Bluetooth counterparts. The product is engineered with Kleer® technology, which delivers premium quality audio (lossless CD-quality) with minimal power consumption and enhanced transmit capacity. For further information, please visit www.hearnotes.com, HearNotes on Facebook and Twitter @GetHearNotes.