ATLAB STEM Academy Plans to Bring 21st Century STEM Classrooms to Indian Schools


MUMBAI, April 16, 2015: ATLAB STEM Academy, an educational learning initiative of the Centena Group of Companies in India and creators of internationally acclaimed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) solutions, today launched their globally known STEM curriculum in India. This educational programme will enable schools to teach students complex topics like robotics, aerospace, basic machine programming and electronics by integrating them with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects as a part of their CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and State Boards curriculum.

ATLAB STEM Academy while revealing its future plan for India invited 30 franchise networks in the country to make all schools benefit from this initiative.

Widely popular and practiced in educational institutes of America and Gulf countries, STEM is a curriculum based on the concept of educating students in four specific disciplines with hands-on and interactive learning solutions. Instead of teaching four disciplines as separate and discreet subjects, STEM integrates them into a collaborative learning paradigm based on real-world applications and life skills. It guarantees student success through a holistic learning approach and enables them to perform better in aptitude tests and entrance examinations.

ATLAB STEM Academy will be introducing STEM concepts to Indian students from 3rd grade till 10th grade. It will provide two options for schools to choose a group of activities; in-school and after-school activity model, which will be extended over a period of 8 to 9 months, respectively. A STEM classroom will be set up in a school premises equipped with 3D content, laboratory equipment and furniture, technology and science training systems and audio-visual interactive tools. Each classroom will comprise of a batch of 30 students.

While sharing more information, Sheila N Krishnan – Board Member, Centena Group said, “STEM based skills train and equip students with knowledge required to solve complex problems of today’s challenging world and represent themselves in international arena. India has the world’s largest youth population that signifies its potential to become one of the fastest growing nations in the world, if the right knowledge and training is provided to the youth. And, the career-oriented STEM education is the key for such success. Moreover, STEM also trains students to face many evolving modern theories in the world such as VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) to evaluate, monitor and improve human behavioral patterns.”

Hence, in order to emphasize the importance and need of STEM education in Indian education system and its correlation with VUCA theory, ATLAB STEM Academy today organised a ‘Global Educational Conclave 2015’. Many eminent speakers such as, Mr. Neti Srinivasan – Ryan International Group of Institutions, Shri Tushar Tamanhe – STEM Specialist, Dr. Paddy Sharma – Atlanta Trustee, World STEM School and Mr. Ryan Cox – HATponics Education and STEM specialist working with UN were present to share their views on the topic.

ATLAB STEM Academy has already entered its footprints in India to promote STEM education by partnering with first STEM World school in Bairakpur, Kolkata in 2014. It is a co-educational independent boarding school modeled on the STEM foundation to support Indian ambitions and desires.