Apple Adds New MacBook Pro To Its High-End Laptop Line


Four years of waiting for some big announcement from the company, as laptop hinges loosen, trackpads go wonky, the screen laminent starts to lose its luster. For those have been holding out since 2012, the day, as expected, is finally here.

Apple today took the wraps off of a completely revamped MacBook Pro lineup for the first time since giving the laptops Retina displays back in 2012.

he new laptops are thinner, and lighter, with the 13 inch model weighing 3lbs and the 15 inch model coming in at 4lbs.

The single most striking difference between the old and new Pros is that the row of function keys (and, yes, the Escape key) has been removed and replaced with a long OLED touchscreen panel called the “Touch Bar” that can do different things depending on what you’re doing and what apps you’re running. Some users will no doubt mourn the loss of physical keys, though if used well the Touch Bar should bring some of the versatility of software keyboards to what is otherwise a regular hardware keyboard.