BrainCheck Receives $3 Million In Seed Funding Round


BrainCheck, a Houston-based startup confirmed that it has raised $3 Million in its seed funding for an app to monitor brain health.

BrainCheck is developing features and functionality to assess older users at risk of dementia. BrainCheck is currently part of the Texas Medical Center accelerator (TMCx) at Texas Medical Innovation Center.

An advisor to the center and investor in BrainCheck’s seed round, Brett Giroir, said “There is an absolute need for a simple, personal take home neurologic assessment that is complete and has complexity and sophistication to it, but can be done rapidly and by anyone for dementia, especially.”

He sees BrainCheck as democratizing sophisticated, psychological neuro-testing in a way that can help an aging, world population to identify and treat dementia earlier than ever before.

Giroir, who was previously the director of DARPA’s science office, lauded BrainCheck’s “scientific  pedigree,” and the potential extensibility of its app.

“Beyond concussion and dementia, there are things you can study like the side effects and safety of drugs, and polypharmacy. There are things that can cause people not to remember well, or lose coordination that are not brain injury related, or dementia but would be related to the drugs that they are taking.”

The company’s app is a health “tracking” app, rather than diagnostic tool for clinical use at this point. But the company intends to work  with the FDA to become a class 2 medical device, soon.