The Depression, Addiction, and Struggle of Entrepreneurial Failure


Many founders do not have life outside their company, they consider it their home. Always remember that entrepreneurship is all about someone’s ability to innovate and create value for others and for your beloved.

Here are the side effects of real entrepreneurship…

  1. Entrepreneurs are innovator like to look into everything, and normally forget to enjoy the simplicity of life. Entrepreneurs always get into many things all together and as a result often complicate everything for themselves. It is tiring on yourself and those around you. So be true to yourself.

  2. Many entrepreneurs always strive to improve everything and as a result become faced with the “what if” that is ultimately a gauge of the possibilities. Seeing improvement is good for self and for those around you but anything in excess may turn bad. Belief and Dreaming are two different things. Realize it.

  3. Don’t give up till you find the solution. Is it a common trait or you are habitual to follow it? This is one of those better side effects. Entrepreneurs don’t need resources to be resourceful.

  4. Entrepreneurship is full of obstacles, rejection, failure and unknown surprises and these are integral part of being an entrepreneur. With the time, many entrepreneurs learn to grow thick skin around them and that restricts to learn.

  5. An Entrepreneur is a source of young energy and innovation and many times this energy they omit can rub off on friends and family very well.

  6. Entrepreneurs are full of ideas and thoughts, and most of time they become very obsessive at some extend. It can seriously impact their personal life and those around them. Learn to balance to be a true pioneer.

  7. “Health is Wealth”. No matter what situations are, neglecting health means you are inviting Success to be Failure. Proper diet, enough sleep and some exercise make you hero of your startup.

  8. Lost customers, disputes with partners, increased competition, staffing problems, struggling to make payroll, sales and operation planning may prove depressive episodes for many Entrepreneurs and for any startup. It may lead to serious confidence problem. You feel lost and energies stolen.

    Entrepreneurship is a stressful job that can create emotional turbulence. Still launching a startup will always be a wild ride, full of ups and downs, and full of enjoyment too.

    1. Most important, don’t let your business squeeze out your connections with human beings. When it comes to fighting off depression, relationships with friends and family can be powerful weapons.

    1. Always ask for help–see a mental health professional if you are experiencing symptoms of significant anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, or depression.

    1. Regular cardiovascular exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep all help.

    1. Don’t make just your work to be the part of your identity. It is important to feel successful in areas unrelated to your work. Whether you are raising a family or going for the party tonight.

    Always learn to build a life centered on the belief that self-worth is not the same as net worth. It is a constant process of trial and error. Don’t exaggerate the experience.

    Be open and true to self. Never hide your emotions.