Now Explore More With Apple’s New TV App


This is the biggest update to Apple’s TV ecosystem since last year, when the company revamped its TV interface and incorporated Siri into the Apple TV remote to enable searching via voice commands.

The new app is meant to help users find their most watched content across all the streaming services they may subscribe to by aggregating those shows and movies in one place. TV will also recommend new content to watch based on your history.

A TV app might sound basic, but it could be a clever way around some of Apple’s problems in the industry. The company has been trying to do for TV what it did for music for years now, serving up its own package of content to consumers, but it’s been stymied by negotiations with media execs, who have reportedly balked at Apple’s aggressive negotiating style.

While Apple announced “TV” today, previous reports from USA Today and Recode had already revealed the new Apple TV service, which is reportedly a compromised version of Apple’s original goal: to launch a paid TV service.