Where To Watch Apple’s Mac-centric October 27 Event Keynotes Live


It’s been a long time coming for some members of the Mac family, namely the MacBook Pro and Mac Air and finally we have confirmation that Apple will be hosting a Mac-centric event on October 27.

The whole thing kicks off at 10 a.m. PT on Thursday, and you’ll be able to watch the event live via Apple’s official website, as well as on Apple TV through the Apple Events app. Windows users, remember — you no longer need a Mac to watch. You can watch on PC, though only through the Microsoft Edge browser.

The first thing Apple will likely do is update the withered MacBook lineup, particularly the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.

Speaking of the MacBook Pro, we can also expect to see a big refresh of the internal components, bringing the new Pro in line with current performance standards. That mean’s 7th-generation Intel dual-core chips in the 13-inch Pro, and 6th-generation Intel quad-core chips in the Pro (Intel’s 7th-generation mobile quads aren’t slated for availability until early 2017).

We will also likely see a revision to the graphics, which may be brought up to data with the latest, more power-efficient hardware. A switch to Nvidia, from AMD, seems likely, but is far from certain.

There are also some changes we’ll likely see implemented across the board, from the MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro. One of which will be the complete removal of USB-A ports in favor of USB-C. Yeah, we’re probably in for another “courage” moment, so prepare yourself for the impending internet backlash and get those USB-A-to-USB-C adapters ready.