Three Pounds Of Grey Is Enough To Turn On Powerhouse

Three Pounds Of Grey Is Enough To Turn On Powerhouse

The brain is a magical and mysterious force that scientists are really only just finding out about. Your brain, your mind, is your personal powerhouse. Make it understand and value money. Three pounds of grey matter can create symphonies and probe mysteries.  After interacting with some many wealthy, and successful people around the world, have discovered the most powerful common denominators are their thinking and their mindset. They know how powerful it is and what it can do. They believe that being wealthy is a worthwhile goal and they create strategies to help them achieve it. Their mindset attracts wealth instead of repelling it.

Here are seven steps, you can apply to create your personal wealth manifesto.

Step 1: Creating Right Beliefs about Money

Most people fail to reach their financial goals. (And by the way, that figure of ten per cent is one of the better statistics, other estimates put it as low as three per cent.) Taking control of your thinking and belief system can help you become part of that small percentage group. The first step is to root out any negative beliefs you have about money.

Step 2: Acknowledge Desire and Decide to Become Wealthy

Most high worth individuals have gone through a very precise process to achieve financial freedom, it didn’t just happen randomly or by chance for them. Two key stages of this process are very obvious but also very easily missed. The first is having the desire to become wealthy and the second is deciding to become wealthy.

Step 3: Discover Your Values and Goals

Your values are like your inner compass; you steer your life by them and they direct every action and decision you take. Many people never stop to question or analyze what their personal values are. Smart people live their life by them.

Step 4: Focus on the Long Term

These days it’s all about instant gratification. We want it all and we want it NOW! Well, here’s the bad news if you are a quick fix fan. Being financially independent takes time. It takes patience. You need to think carefully about the future before making significant decisions. You have to consider the implications of actions taken over the long term. Sorry to be blunt, but there it is.

Step 5: Practise Gratitude

Someone once said: ‘What you appreciate, appreciates’. One of the most important things to do on a daily basis is to express gratitude. When you focus on appreciating what you have rather than what you lack, it helps set up the right patterns of thinking, activates your subconscious mind and draws opportunities and positive energy into your life.

Step 6: Keep Reaching and Take Some Risks

Many financially successful individuals have no need to work or to keep learning. They could easily retire right now and live a comfortable lifestyle. But they don’t, because they are continuously learning and developing. Constantly stretching for the next challenge, the next step. You see, they are not motivated solely by making money. They are always on the lookout for ways to make something better, for a new mountain to climb, a new skill to master. That is not to say they are unhappy with how things are, far from it. As we have seen, they show gratitude and appreciation for what they already have, but they also want to keep pushing ahead and achieving goals.

Step 7: Your Wealth Manifesto

Set aside sometime when you won’t be disturbed. Review your beliefs, values, goals and long term objectives. Now, think ahead to a specific time in the future when you are in your ideal financial situation. What does that look like to you? Maybe you’ve never been this specific before.

It might take you several hours over a few weeks to come up with your own personal wealth manifesto. Spend some time on this because it is vitally important.

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash