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Covid19 May Lead To Develop Shingles In Human Body

When people are frustrated with the intensity of covid19 pandemic and eagerly waiting for the vaccine to get back to normal, then Doctors are...

Surprise and fear: a gigantic alligator appeared on a golf course in Florida

A video is circulating on social networks in which you can see a huge alligator walking in the gardens of the golf course of the Valencia Golf &...

Ancient human genes will provide protection against cancer – scientists

Ancient "silent" human genes can activate the immune system to effectively fight cancer. The revolutionary discovery was made by Canadian scientists. Scientists from the Princess Margaret...

An unpleasant record: India becomes the world’s third-worst COVID affected country

A sharp increase of 86,432 COVID -19 cases in India, in a single day. The COVID - 19 pandemic has invaded the globe putting mankind...

The tough confrontation between a crocodile and two monitor lizards for eggs

Tourists in South Africa's Kruger National Park witnessed two monitor lizard attacking a crocodile nest. Video author Colin Pretorius said he saw a female crocodile while eating breakfast at...

Silicon Valley’s big disappointment: why it hasn’t created anything to fight covid

The entrepreneurship ecosystem par excellence has entered a monotony in which everything involves replicating existing solutions and not innovate in response to unresolved things Entrepreneurship...
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