NVIDIA Executive Philip Hughes Joins Autonet Mobile as President


Santa  Rosa,  CA  – Philip  Hughes,  former    Vice  President  of Automotive  Sales   and   Business   Development,   was   appointed   as   President   of   Autonet  Mobile,   Inc.   today.   Prior   to   joining   Autonet

Mobile,   Philip   oversaw   NVIDIA’s  global   automotive   sales   initiatives   and   served   as   Site   Leader   of   NVIDIA’s  Technology  Center  in  Ann  Arbor,  Michigan.

Autonet   Mobile   is   the   first   provider   of   Internet based   telematics   and  application  services  designed  for  vehicles.  The  company  is  aiming  to  accelerate  adoption   of   truly   Connected   Vehicle   services   and   applications   that   benefit  Connected   Vehicle   and   IoT   ecosystem   partners   as   well   as   end   users.   With   a   rich   portfolio   of   end to end  Connected  Vehicle  solutions  and  partnerships  with  some  of  world’s  largest  automotive  OEMs,  Autonet  Mobile  is  in  a  key  expansion  phase.

“Philip  brings  a  wealth  of  knowledge  and  experience  to  help  catapult  Autonet  Mobile  into  a  new  level  of  growth  and  expansion  in  the  Connected  Vehicle  space,”  said  Roy  Vallee,  Autonet  Mobile  Chairman.

Philip  has  more  than  20  years  of  experience  in  sales,  marketing,  business  development,  and  operations.  He  joined  NVIDIA  in  2010  as  Director  of  Automotive  Sales  &  Business  Development.  Prior  to  joining  NVIDIA, he  led  Fujitsu    America’s  Automotive  Business  Unit.  Philip  also  served  as  Director  of  Sales  for  North

America  at  Kionix  Inc.  and  Director  of  North  American  Operations  at  Wintek  Corporation.  Philip  earned  a  BA  from  Hillsdale  College  in  Hillsdale,  Michigan.

Co Founder  of  Autonet  Mobile,  Sterling  Pratz,  continues  his relationship  to  the  company  in  an  advisory role.

About  Autonet  Mobile: Autonet  Mobile,  founded  in  2005,  is  the  first  provider  of  Internet based  telematics and  application  services  designed   for   vehicles.   Based   on   a   technology   platform   designed   to   maintain   secure   and   reliable   wireless  connectivity  to  vehicles  in  motion,  Autonet  Mobile  has  partnerships  with  some  of  world’s  largest  automotive  manufacturers.