accuses the search engine Google for using lyrics without permission

Google displays song lyrics in its search results, sometimes without permission. accuses the search engine of illegally using over 100 lyrics - and has done so for years.

7 accuses Google of including its own lyrics in its search results without permission. The incident is reported by the Wall Street Journal, which has allegedly verified and confirmed allegations. With a gimmick, has marked its own lyrics and can thus recognize when a text has been taken from his side.

Already in 2017, has informed Google according to its own information on the unauthorized copies of its lyrics. The use of the lyrics violates the terms of use of the provider and applicable antitrust law, it says in the letter, which was the newspaper. In response, Google only hinted that the texts had been licensed by partners. More did not happen.

According to everything should have started with the song Panda of the rapper Desiigner. Many other lyrics pages would have published flawed lyrics, because the text in the song was very difficult to understand. but worked directly with the rapper and received from this the original text. This correct lyrics appeared in the Google search results. At, there was a suspicion that Google had stolen the data from the website. That could not be proven at the time. has specially tagged lyrics

From around 2016, has subtly changed some lyrics to identify them at any time. Thus, apostrophes of the texts between straight and curly single quotes were used alternately in each song in exactly the same order. On the basis of this mark were illegally adopted by Google song lyrics were recognized. When the apostrophes are translated into Morse code, it becomes “Red Handed”.

According to over 100 such lyrics should appear in Google’s search results. The Wall Street Journal randomly reviewed three of them, confirming that these special texts appeared on Google Search. Google has responded to the newspaper’s report and plans to investigate the incident.

Google’s opinion on the allegations

“The text displayed in Google’s Infoboxes and Knowledge Panels comes from a variety of sources and is not inherited from websites, we take data quality and copyright very seriously, and our licensing partners are responsible for complying with the terms of our agreement Problem with our data partners If we find that the partners are not working properly, we will end the collaboration. “

Since Google already integrates the lyrics in the search results when the song title is entered, users visited the relevant lyrics websites much less frequently than before. sells its music to, among others, Spotify and Apple, which integrate it into their music streaming service.