MagnaCom Delivers the Impossible: World’s First Demonstration of QAM-16384 Equivalent over Wireless Networks at CES 2015


# Highlights

  • # demonstrates the world’s highest order modulation over wireless networks at CES 2015
  • MagnaCom’s -14 technology enables for the first time, the wireless delivery of a 14 bits modulation (#-16384 equivalent), underscoring its vast superiority over legacy QAM
  • With an estimated 15dB disadvantage, legacy QAM is not practical for such high speed wireless systems today
  • MagnaCom enables global operators and network system providers to upgrade their Cable and Wireless infrastructure for the highest capacity, speed, and throughput
  • WAM™ is available immediately for MagnaCom early access partners

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. – December 30, 2014 – 2015 International CES – Extending its leadership in superior network capacity, MagnaCom, a privately held company with a mission to reinvent digital communications, announced today that it will demonstrate the world’s highest capacity wireless network at CES 2015.

A QAM-16384 equivalent 14 bits modulation is now made possible wirelessly for the first time. WAM-14 can also benefit other networks, such as cable and terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) – delivering on the promise of next generation DVB-C2 and DVB-T2 standards. These standards are both already provisioned for QAM-16384, but are considered not practically viable today. Wireless applications for WAM-14 range from wireless cellular backhaul, short-range wireless systems such as 60GHz, and many others.

MagnaCom enables wireless/wired global carriers and operators to realize their future 5G and broadband networks, which are significantly more efficient and more resilient, yet 100% backward compatible with today’s legacy deployments.  WAM allows much more data to be transmitted over the same spectrum, deliver much higher speeds, achieve longer distance wirelessly, and consume less power than has ever been possible before.

WAM technology is designed to complement traditional QAM modulation-based technology and is considered a 20-year leap in digital communications.

“By accelerating our rate of innovation and making it readily available to our customers, we plan to usher in a new class of vastly superior networks that has the potential to revolutionize digital communications,” said Yossi Cohen, co-founder and CEO of MagnaCom. “As the industry races to achieve new performance levels, MagnaCom has just planted our flag on the highest peak: enabling the world’s highest capacity wireless network. Emerging devices such as wearables and IoT, will mandate a radical improvement in network efficiency, speed, and capacity. We have a vision for helping the mobile industry meet this challenge naturally, while preserving backward compatibility with all existing devices and networks.”

With over 100 global patents filed, nearly 40 U.S. patents already issued carrying nearly 1,000 granted inventions (claims), MagnaCom is now a recognized technology innovation powerhouse. [See MagnaCom issued US Patents.] MagnaCom is creating a scalable platform for next-generation networks based on WAM — an innovative multi-dimensional non-linear modulation.  WAM allows for much more data to be transmitted over the same amount of spectrum, resulting in networks that are far more resilient, transmit data at higher speeds, farther distance and consume less power. By enabling much more capacity over the same channels, WAM can save global operators billions of dollars in spectrum licensing cost and network upgrades.  Learn more about WAM technology.

MagnaCom is currently engaged with multiple global technology leaders while also promoting WAM into 5G, Wi-Fi and related work-groups aiming for broader adoption in the coming years. The company is demonstrating its innovative technology, including WAM-14, at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2015 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort (formerly LVH and Las Vegas Hilton). Please visit MagnaCom to request a meeting online or contact

About MagnaCom

MagnaCom is a privately held technology company aiming to reinvent the evolution of digital communications, and a recognized technology innovation powerhouse. The company was founded around a whole new, patented modulation technology called WAM™, which can help alleviate the global spectrum congestion and insatiable demand for more bandwidth. This impacts cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite and cable TV, wireless backhaul, cable and DSL modems, long and short haul fiber and numerous other applications. WAM technology applies to carriers, handset manufacturers, and any wired and wireless system OEMs, and communication IC vendors who strive to save spectrum, increase bandwidth, speed and distance or reduce power consumption. With over 100 global patents filed to-date, and nearly 1,000 granted US inventions, MagnaCom is challenging the 40-year dominance of QAM as the modulation of choice for all advanced wired and wireless systems. The company has assembled a world-class team of scientists, executives and advisors from Broadcom, Qualcomm, Motorola Mobility (acquired by Google), Texas Instruments, Intel, ST Microelectronics and Passif Semiconductor (acquired by Apple). For more information, visit