Ozonetel is on its way to Handling a Billion Missed Calls; Creating a World Record


BANGALORE, February 19, 2015: has a PoP (Point of Presence) in Singapore, North America, UK and India.

Ozonetel is a Telco-grade cloud communications platform that enables businesses to run ‘Missed call campaigns’ on its platform. Ozonetel has created a world record by handling over 700 million missed calls in the last nine months for its customers. Ozonetel platform is on its way to easily handle a billion missed calls by April 2015.

Missed Call Service has become an effective way to engage and involve customers by any brand/business. The missed call service is a targeted and cost effective means for businesses to reach out to its target audience. The target audience could be in regions where Internet penetration is low or when you want to give a call to action to an online customer who needs to engage with you offline.

What can a business do with a missed call?

  1. Lead capture: who advertise across mediums still find a challenge to judge
  2. ROI’s. Missed calls help to capture 100% of the leads coming from different mediums, which allow businesses to make strategic and cost effective decisions.
  3. Survey/feedback: Businesses can get real time feedback on customer experience on service/product and if required, alerts can be built on SLA’s and action can be taken. The survey/feedback can be in the language desired by the brands.
  4. New user activations: Generate interest and get new users engaged with the brands via different kind of campaigns
  5. Run contests: users/target audience to engage with the brand
  6. Content on demand: Bring content on demand to users on information like – help material, new offers, new products etc.

Ozonetel has been supporting missed calls on its platform for the past four years. Some of the clients using the platform are Hindustan Unilever (HUL), , , who run creative campaigns for a large number of their end customers.