StoreHippo Enables SMEs to Create Niche Marketplaces at an Affordable Cost


GURGAON, India, April 20, 2015: The recent years have witnessed a huge demand of online marketplaces and the retailers wish to convert their online stores into a thriving marketplace. Still, not many e-commerce platforms have considered addressing the problems involved with selling on marketplaces, but StoreHippo – the new age mobile commerce platform – offers multi-vendor functionality as a core part of its design for the benefit of the online retailers, which provides the capability to run an online store with multiple vendors.

Through this exclusive multi-vendor feature, the e-tailers (who create their store from StoreHippo) can also sell products/services of other vendors; thus creating a common storefront. Such collaboration delivers remarkable opportunities and benefits to all the vendors, since the consumers prefer to purchase various products/services from just a single web store.

With this feature, the products from multiple vendors appear in the common product catalogue and vendors share the same shopping cart, thus allowing the online shoppers the flexibility and convenience of purchasing products from one web store itself, even if the products are supplied by different vendors.

Apparently, the primary retailer who has taken a multi-vendor subscription plan from StoreHippo can easily manage all the vendors in the admin and can also accept or reject products offered by the vendors.

The multi-vendor feature has been successfully used by many StoreHippo clients including Green Moksh (a marketplace offering a plethora of organic and eco-friendly products) and (a marketplace based in Myanmar offering event tickets online).

StoreHippo thrives on working with the latest and fastest technology stack to create blazing fast online stores with manifold features to provide a superior selling and buying experience. The mobile e-commerce technology makes the online stores fully functional and optimized for all web and mobile devices like tablets, mobiles and laptops. Over the next few years, online stores will gain a strong foothold in both domestic and emerging markets.

Rajiv Kumar, CEO and Founder of StoreHippo, while sharing his insights, said, “Multi-vendor functionality is a perfect solution for the merchants who wish to have multiple independent vendors on their online storefront. The store becomes a virtual shopping mall where the customers get the dual advantage of multiple brand accessibility
and the convenience to choose their preferred vendor. The vendors have the flexibility to manage their products and returns as well.”