Is it possible to know when someone searches for your name on Google?


Doing a search with your name or that of another person on the Internet is one of the oldest acts that can be remembered using search engines such as Google or Yahoo. The curiosity to see what will appear is very large, especially in those days when LinkedIn , Facebook or Twitter profiles did not populate the searches. In that sense, as a way of being alert to the stalkers, it is often said that there are ways of knowing who seeks our name.

One of the ways that is usually recommended is to use Google Alerts, the customized alerts service of the Mountain View company that can be perfect to follow up on news about topics that interest us. In technology, for example, it can be a new version of an application or the launch of a gadget that we have wanted for some time to be put on sale. However, by its way of working, Google Alerts is not worth knowing when someone searches our name on Google .

Google Alerts gives notices about content on the web, not about searches

The key of Google Alerts is that it will notify us of the personalized terms that we have selected, but only when Google has indexed a content that contains that term. For example, if your name is mentioned on a website, it could warn you. If the term of the alert is “Aranyani Bhargav” and if someone searches for Aranyani Bhargav, there is no trace of that anywhere. Except for Google, of course.

But if you have a blog and someone replies to you saying “Aranyani Bhargav said, the next version of Windows 10 will be able to …” would be something that Google Alerts would warn about. At this point, is there a way to know when your name is searched with a Google tool?

No, there is Google Trends, a service with which you can see the most searched terms and the search path of a word. If your name has started looking for more you can know, but not when “Search with Google” or “I’ll be lucky”.