Trump now threatens “the official end of Iran”


Donald Trump did not need this Sunday nor the 140 characters that allowed the old Twitter messages to launch a flare over Tehran, within the escalation of tension – and increasingly confusion – with the regime of Rohaní. “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran, never threaten the United States again!” He wrote without further detail or explanation. Hours earlier, a rocket had landed on the Green Zone of Baghdad, where the US Embassy is located, among others, without causing casualties.

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The United States has sent a double message so far. On the one hand, it sends aircraft carriers and bombers to the Persian Gulf as a direct and explicit warning to Iran – via a statement from John Bolton, National Security Adviser – and Administration sources cite plans for further military deployment, as The New York Times published. , although Trump later denied. And, on the other hand, the president cools the possibilities of war and aims for dialogue – “Iran will want to talk soon,” he said last week, “but this Sunday the warlike fervor returned and not just Trump. “We are not looking for war but we are not afraid of it either,” the commander-in-chief, Hossein Salami, told  the Tasnim news agency.

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Washington is seeking to negotiate with Tehran a new nuclear agreement after abandoning the one that the previous Administration, that of the Democrat Barack Obama, had reached in 2015 along with other powers and that Trump rejected since he was a candidate. That pact lifted sanctions against Iran in exchange for limiting its nuclear weapons program, but the Republican has always considered it a way to give oxygen to the regime while, in reality, did not renounce his atomic career.

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Thus, the oil sanctions have once again punished the Iranian economy, whose regime has responded to the attack: it has warned that it will also breach parts of that agreement – the limits on the reserves of enriched uranium – and has threatened to close the Narrow of Ormuz, a primordial channel of the global commerce of crude oil.

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