Android Hacks: How and when to clean the cache of Android apps

Android Hacks: How and when to clean the cache of Android apps

Sometimes you need to clean up your smartphone: in addition to eliminating old photos, videos or content that fill the internal memory, a great way to speed up the performance of the device – or a single feature – is to clean the cache of the app, and this is worth also and above all for Android devices.

Every Android smartphone has a function to manage all the processes, which can be accessed through the Settings. The procedure to reach the cache changes from device to device, but generally access to the application manager is rather intuitive. Cleaning the app cache is easier than expected and saves a lot of space, as well as resolving any malfunctions and slowdowns. The cache starts filling up just when you start to use the applications, for this reason it is recommended to periodically clean up this section of the mobile.

How to delete Android cache app

The cache is the temporary memory of any electronic device, including smartphones. Accumulates the data collected during the use of applications. The Android operating system dedicates a special cache space to each app in which to store various types of data. When this information increases, you risk compromising the operation of the application itself or of the device.

So every time we browse online or use an app we cause an increase in cache volume. For example, in the browser one are stored all the images displayed within a website, the texts and so on. In short, the devices have a memory that tends to be occupied quickly, better to empty it from time to time. Fortunately, doing this is pretty simple.

First of all, you need to enter the Settings and access the Memory / Storage space section. At this point you need to click on “App / Applications” and the list will open with all the apps present. Opening each app will also appear, among others, the button called “Clear Cache”. This operation can be done for any type of application installed on the phone, from Youtube to Facebook, up to the web browser, such as Chrome.

Deleting the cache of an app eliminates all information related to navigation. So when it starts up again, it will download the data again as if it were the first time. This operation does not erase passwords and other stored credentials or saved games.