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For each Press Release and news release, we create a unique press distribution list – exactly aligned to the industry, with all related topic and target group areas, if necessary by city / region. The result is a broad range of expertise that accurately includes all trade press, news media and theme journalists plus bloggers reporting on your product and business environment.

What is a press release?

Firstly, a press release is an informational message about a socially significant event addressed to a media representative for subsequent use as a source material in the preparation of a news article. Previously, press releases were distributed by fax, e-mail, or in person, as part of the press kit (a set of information materials for members of the press that are issued at press conferences). Now you can post company news online – for this we have prepared a unique press distribution list – exactly aligned to the industry where to add a press release. Everything is accessible through one window – save time and resources on the “logistics”, it’s so easy!

The Internet has changed the principle of disseminating news content. At least because the technical language of the press release is replaced by natural links in the text, you remove the burden of clarification from the press release because you can simply provide a link to more detailed information on a product or industry. In addition, journalists themselves, 98% of whom conduct searches on the Internet, similar to how ordinary users turn to search on Yandex and Google, use news aggregators, read blogs and pages on social networks to find a plot for another article. Just give them your plot!

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