The Surface Dock: Microsoft launches a new tool to update its firmware

The Surface Dock: Microsoft launches a new tool to update its firmware

When Apple launched the MacBook one of the most recurring complaints was associated with the limitation on when to ports that users could find. Perhaps the MacBook case was extreme, but it is not the only one we found. It also occurs with some Surface models, which are short of ports.

Something that Microsoft solved in its day by launching an accessory such as the Surface Dock. An external box that promised to solve the limitations in terms of connections of the Surface range.

New firmware

The Surface Dock is an external box-shaped device, very similar to a hub in which several devices can be connected simultaneously. The possible limitation was solved in this way if we want to have more devices connected. For this, the Surface Dock offered a series of connections:

  • Two high definition video ports
  • A Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Four high speed USB 3.0 ports
  • An audio output

The Surface Dock is used to operate Surface Connect technology, which allows high-speed transfer of video, audio and data through a single cable. It is also plug-and-play, which facilitates its use with any device.

However, the Surface Dock has not been a very popular device and many people are unaware of its existence. Now at Microsoft they have refined it and launched a tool to update the firmware of the Surface Dock.

In the form of an .MSi file, the new tool, which gives way to the previous one, can be downloaded from this link. A possibility that allows its use in the background so that it does not interfere with the use of the device.

To take advantage of this new improvement, it is essential that in Surface where we are going to use it we have Windows 10 in its version 1803 or higher.

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