How to prevent iOS iPhone apps from sending your personal info to 3rd parties

iOS: How to prevent applications from sending your personal info to 3rd parties

The Washington Post revealed that some iOS iPhone apps are using their updates to send data to tracking companies regularly, without permission or authorization. Although a journalist from the newspaper contacted those responsible for these apps, some assured that it was an error, while others indicated that they had ‘trackers’ within their platforms to improve performance or even to show advertising to users.

Although many apps can come to justify the fact of including ‘trackers’ in their platforms, the truth is that users are entitled to avoid tracking them, and for this, the devices of the Cupertino firm have several features within its configuration.

So you can prevent apps from tracking you

The first thing you can do to block the sending of information to third partiesis just to suspend background updates of your applications. To do this, you must follow these steps:

  • Enter the ‘Settings’ of your iOS device
  • Then, go to ‘General’
  • There, go to the section ‘Update on 2nd plane’ and choose the option ‘No’. This way, updates in the background will be disabled.

Now, if you also want to avoid third parties sharing advertising based on your private information , these are the steps you must follow.

  • Enter again to the ‘Settings’ of your iOS device
  • Then, go to ‘Privacy’
  • There, you must go to the end and look for the section called ‘Advertising’
  • At that point, you must activate the ‘Limit tracking’ option.

And ready! These are some of the actions you have at your disposal to prevent the developers of the apps you use most from giving your information to third parties, or using it for different topics to which you have given their consent.