Facebook Employees Watched Journalists As Potential Spies

Facebook Employees Watched Journalists As Potential Spies

Facebook employees were commissioned to monitor a camera team from CNN as “potential spies” during and after an interview that founder, chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave after the computer scandal around Cambridge Analytica exploded.

The magazine has reviewed Facebook’s handling of the scandal and the negative publicity that arose after it was known via whistleblower that 87 million users’ data was leaked.

The interview was given five days after the information was made public, which led to an enormous press campaign against the social networking company.

“We had hundreds of inquiries from reporters but nothing to say to them. I remember the mood in the lunch room; ‘why do we say nothing?'” One of the sources commented.

Finally, an interview was given with CNN’s reporter Laurie Segall, who was considered by Facebook’s communications managers to be “sufficiently confident,” writes Wired.

However, despite the media opening, Facebook was on their toes. A former employee of the communications department says they have been instructed to watch the team from CNN even though they needed to go to the toilet.

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