How To: The simplest and fastest procedures for unlocking the bootloader

The bootloader is the software that loads the operating system present on any technological device and can be unlocked on many devices.

How To: The simplest and fastest procedures for unlocking the bootloader
How To: The simplest and fastest procedures for unlocking the bootloader

You will definitely have heard of unlocking the bootloader, or the software that loads the operating system on any technological device. However, if you don’t know where to start to perform this operation correctly and without risk, read this article.

Below we present the best and fastest procedure to unlock the brand bootloader such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung. This is child’s play. The important thing is to do this procedure with due care, as for each device there are specific steps: some brands supply them directly, others do not and we can give you a hand. Continue reading to find out more.

Unlocking the bootloader: what it means

Before going into the specific procedure of unlocking the bootloader, it is important that you are aware of two important consequences:

  • loss of data on the phone. If you intend to unlock the bootloader, we strongly recommend that you make a backup of the data you would like to keep;
  • most companies will void the warranty. Although there are exceptions (such as, for example, the Xiaomi brand), there are many companies that void the warranty if they unlock the bootloader. You could, at any time, block it again, but a track will always remain in the memory and in the chips of the device.

However, unlocking the bootloader allows you to have full freedom of your smartphone. You could, for example, install custom-made kernels, recovery and even custom ROMs, dramatically improving phone performance. The personalization of your smartphone with the bootloader unlocking goes to a totally different and new level.

How to unlock the bootloader

Below we show how to unlock the bootloader of brands such as HuaweiXiaomi and Samsung without having to perform complicated operations.

Unlock the Xiaomi bootloader

As we mentioned, unlocking the Xiaomi bootloader is permitted by the company and the smartphone warranty is not invalidated. Here are the main steps.

  1. First of all, you need to create an MI Account that will be associated with the smartphone from which you want to unlock the bootloader.
  2. Once created, you need to enable “Developer Options” in Settings> About Phone> MIUI Version.
  3. Back in Settings, on Additional Settings you will have to select Developer Options and enable the items “OEM unlocking”, “USB unlocking” and “developer options”.
  4. From here, from the “MI Unlock Status” option, you can associate your smartphone with “add device”.
  5. To complete the release go back to the official website and click on “Unlock Now”.
  6. On the next page, on “download MI Unlock” you will be able to download the ZIP file on the PC, which you will need to decompress.
  7. At this point, start the “miflash_unlock.exe” file.
  8. Turn off the phone and hold the Power and Volume button to start it in Fastboot mode.
  9. Connect it to the PC and click on “unloack”. If the green word “unlocked successfully” appears, the operation has been completed.

Unlock the Samsung bootloader

If you have a Samsung smartphone you can unlock the bootloader without a PC even faster than Xiaomi. That’s how:

  1. Grab your Samsung smartphone and open the “Phone” app;
  2. Enter the code “* # * # 7378423 # * # *” and press the key to call;
  3. A window opens: go to Service Info> Configuration;
  4. Next to the word “Bootloader unlock” you will find YES that confirms the unlocking of your bootloader.

However, this operation is not available on all Samsung models.

Unlock the Huawei bootloader

Although it has not been possible to unlock the Huawei device bootloader for several months, there is an alternative, albeit an expensive one. We recommend the service, which allows the unlocking of any smartphone’s bootloader: just provide the IMEI code and the model number. The service costs 55 dollars and at the moment it is practically the only one that allows you to unlock all the devices.

There are less expensive alternatives, like DC-Unlocker, but not all Huawei smartphones are supported, especially the most recent ones.

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