Here Are Top 10 Best Browser Add-ons That Keep Web Annoyances Away

We've picked out 10 of the top 10 very best browser add-ons / extensions you can get your hands on to make the web a better place and they're all free to use.


We’ve picked out 10 of the top 10 very best browser add-ons / extensions you can get your hands on to make the web a better place and they’re all free to use.

10. Behind the Overlay (Chrome/Firefox)

BehindTheOverlay works similar to something like AdBlock, but it doesn’t need all the horsepower to run. Its only real purpose is to hide those overlays, which it does pretty well on sites like Quora, The Financial Times, and others. As you’d expect, it doesn’t work all the time for every single overlay since they’re not always coded in the same, but it does it’s job a good amount of time.

BehindTheOverlay | Chrome Web Store

9. Page One (Chrome/Safari) and Re-Pagination (Firefox)

If you don’t want to manually hunt for the printer-friendly or “View All” button on a web page, Page One for Chrome and Safari does the work for you. It supports a number of sites, including The Atlantic, The New York Times, Wired, and many more. It only works if the page already has a printer-friendly or “View All” option available, but it means you don’t have to click on those buttons to open it—the extension does all the work for you.

8. Lazarus (Chrome/Firefox)

Lazarus can save you from what might be every web worker’s worst nightmare: Filling out a long form and the browser crashing or the info just disappearing after you hit submit. Lazarus has recovered hours of work and saved me from a lot of frustration. If your work depends on online forms, install it; you won’t regret it.

7. Magic Actions (Chrome/Firefox/Opera)

YouTube can be pretty annoying sometimes, but if you want to fix some of the most common problems with it, Magic Actions is the easiest way to do it. You can set up auto-HD, stop autoplay, create a cinema mode, and more.

Download Magic Actions

6. WikiWand (Chrome/Firefox/Safari)

WikiWand adds an easy to use table of contents to the side of the screen, easier to read typography, and a handy preview on hover feature. For the most part, it’s about an aesthetic change, but the table of contents makes it a lot easier to quickly browse an article. Of course, WikiWand isn’t the only option for skinning Wikipedia, but it is one of the better looking ones.

Download WikiWand

5. Silent Site Sound Blocker (Chrome)

It’s irritating, especially when you have multiple tabs open and no idea where on the page the video is actually playing.Silent Site Sound Blocker automatically mutes tabs that aren’t your focus tab, and even then, uses a whitelisting system to make sure the only tabs that play audio at all are the ones you approve. You even have the ability to approve a site to play audio once, but then ask again, or block it once and then ask again next time you visit.

Download it Silent Site Sound Blocker | Chrome Web Store

4. Imagus (Chrome/Firefox)

Tiny thumbnails that don’t open to large images—or worse, only open to large images in the same page or open links instead of larger views—are annoying, and previously mentioned Imagus (available for Chrome and Firefox) fixes them. Instead, just hover your mouse over an image you want to see in a larger view, and it’ll pop up, nice and big so you can inspect it.

3. Pocket (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera/Edge)

Pocket is useful for a lot of things, and while it’s strictly a “read it later” service that lets you save articles for offline reading whenever you have time to get around to them. It’s great, and there are tons of pro tips to get the most from it, but it’s also a great way to eliminate almost all of the annoyances of the traditional web experience. Plus, it’s available for virtually any web browser.

2. Social Fixer (Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari)

Whether you want to make the font more readable, get rid of that pesky ticker, see who’s unfriended you, and much more, here’s how to make Facebook infinitely better with just one browser extension.

1. uBlock Origin (Chrome/Firefox)

uBlock Origin lets you control what elements load, which don’t, what ads you see, and what you suppress. You can customize it to your heart’s content, and it’s faster and more lightweight than Adblock Plus or Ghostery, each of which have their own problems with selling ads or partnering with ad companies.

If you have any plugins of your own to recommend, do let us know in the comments.