After Black Mirror, Netflix bets on Clickbait, a series focused on social networks

Ater Black mirror story, Netflix is betting on Clickbait, story focused on Social Media Network

Netflix has announced the shoot in Australia of Clickbait, a new series with Black Mirror sauce focused on social networks and have much to do to stand out.

The success of Black Mirror social media episode seems to have given ideas to Netflix. The Los Gatos firm announced the shooting of a new series focused on the impact of new technologies. Called Clickbait, it is co-created by Tony Ayres (The Slap, Nowhere Boys) and the screenwriter Christian White. It will be produced by David Heyman (Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) and toured in Victoria Australia later in the year. 

Cut into eight episodes, Clickbait wants to explore “the ways in which our most dangerous and uncontrolled impulses are fueled by social networks.” It remains to be seen how the series seizes this vast subject. Black Mirror plot is indeed far from being the only program to have explored the contributions and nuisances that can generate new technologies. One thinks of course of the historical series “The Fourth Dimension” recently rebooted by Jordan Peele. The latter has also developed on the YouTube platform, “Weird City”, a kind of comic Black Mirror story exploring through six stories themes well in the air (smart home, dating apps, etc.).

Russel T. Davies’ “Years and Years” series of anticipation has also been critically acclaimed this summer. Clickbait will have a lot to do to stand out. But we will not fail to take a look at its release.