Where are the files downloaded with the Android smartphone?

Where are the files downloaded with the Android smartphone?

If you have an Android smartphone, surely you will have downloaded files from the web . Not to mention that the latest generation devices allow you to scan or modify documents, so you can safely avoid using the computer. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to immediately trace where the files downloaded with the Android smartphone are.

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This is because when the operating system was launched, it did not include an app dedicated to managing downloads, with documents that were downloaded to a folder that often failed to be found. A lot has changed since then: the system has evolved in accordance with the new needs of users. However, the retrieval of the downloaded files remains for many a mystery or a rather complicated operation.

Most Android devices have a pre-installed File Manager, alternatively Google Play offers several apps to find and organize documents on your mobile.

Files downloaded with the Android smartphone: the Download folder

Usually the file manager on smartphones is contained in an application called ” My files ” but it can change its name based on the device. For example, in Google Pixel mobile phones it is simply called File, while in Samsung phones it can be found as “My Files”. Regardless of the device, the goal is to find the appropriate app and then access the Downloads folder. Inside you can find all the downloaded files. Usually, the documents are organized in chronological order, therefore from the most recent to the oldest. However, this function can be customized using the ” Sort by ” item”Followed by several options. For example, documents can be viewed based on format or name. If you have difficulty reaching and working on this folder, you can rely on external apps.

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App for managing downloaded files on Android

The alternatives on Google Play are different. Among all you can trust the free Astro app. This tool supports cloud storage for Dropbox, Facebook and Google Drive services. Moreover, it allows you to organize the documents in the device based on the type: music, videos, personal documents and so on. Of course, downloaded files are also available. The graphics are pleasant and make the application very intuitive and easy to use.

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An alternative, perfect for those who are attentive to the graphic interface, is AntTek Explorer which can be downloaded for free on Google Play. The design is very clean and can be customized to suit your needs. For example, in the left side there are shortcuts to access the memory of the SD card or the internal memory of the device. It is also possible to insert bookmarks or make other customizations. The app is useful for those looking for a professional tool with many features to store and organize files on the phone .