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Tag: Alexa

Echo Buds, Amazon’s first wireless headphones arrive with Alexa

Well, it is official, after rumors and an avalanche of Amazon devices has confirmed the next release of the Echo Buds, which will be their first Alexa compatible Bluetooth wireless headphones. The...

Alexa Answers: a community based answer question platform

Alexa is artificial intelligence, it's a virtual assistant, it's community: the demonstration in the Alexa Answers initiative to officially debut overseas these days. It allows users to...

10 normal questions and 10 funny Alexa answers

How do you like Siri? And: Can you rap? For some questions, smart language assistants like Alexa provide sometimes funny and funny answers. Here, we present you with ten funny Alexa answers.

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X-ray analysis of ancient Egyptian mummy reveals a surprising discovery

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Scientists warn of the danger of vitamin D deficiency

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In the UK, a millennial tree changes sex

One of the oldest trees in the UK has changed its sex. It is an ancient yew tree that surrounds the church of St. Meugan,...

Why does the sun shine? Scientists go one step further to understand it

Scientists have detected for the first time neutrinos formed during a mysterious process in the Sun. It is the first experimental test of the...