Apple and Google slide on the streets of Hong Kong

Apple and Google slide on the streets of Hong Kong

Even Google, as done in recent days by Apple, eliminates from its store an application linked to protests in Hong Kong.

Even if geographically far away, what is happening in Hong Kong is of great interest to the big names of Silicon Valley. The elimination of two apps from Apple’s Chinese store was followed yesterday by the cancellation of another software by Google. This is a game called The Revolution Of Our Times (screenshot and description later in the article) in which it is possible to simulate the experience of the protest in progress.

Apple, Google and the Hong Kong apps

According to bigG, however, the measure was not implemented following a request received from Beijing, but as a consequence of the fact that it constitutes a policy violation: it is not allowed to monetize through an app based on tragic events or conflicts. Even the bitten apple rejects the accusations of having consented to China’s claims, stating that the disappearance of HKmap Live is justified by the very nature of the application that would endanger the safety of police officers involved in keeping protesters at bay. This is what we read in a note drafted directly by Tim Cook and distributed among the collaborators and employees of Cupertino.

The Revolution Of Our Times proposes a formula based on choices to be made, each of which can direct the player towards a different path. A sort of old-style text adventure, set in the streets of Hong Kong and starring a young man frustrated by the failure of the purposes of the Umbrella Revolution movement. During the course it is possible to improve skills, buy equipment (and weapons), even weave love relationships. The developer, Spinner of Yarns, has donated 80% of the proceeds to the Spark Alliance, a fund that deals with providing legal support to protesters.