Apple dominates smartphone market in Q3 2019

Apple dominates smartphone market in Q3 2019

Apple also dominates the smartphone market in Q3 2019, with a percentage of profits that takes a huge slice of the industry total

December is about to end, time for estimates and budgets in every sector, including that of smartphones. Although Apple has not released official data, according to the experts of Counterpoint Research, it is the giant of Cupertino takes home the largest slice of profits for the Q3 2019.

Apple queen of profits with iPhone

Apple continues to succeed in its intent to dominate the market. According to the report for the third quarter of 2019, the Cupertino giant would have generated 66% of the total profits of the smartphone industry, although revenues are “only” by 32%. Impressive figures, considering that Apple is among the manufacturers that launch a minimum number of smartphones annually. The apple, however, has a charm of its own (and also a decidedly noteworthy ecosystem, it is worth pointing out) that allows it to dominate the competition without having to chase the launch of a smartphone per month.

Only a few days ago we told you about equally impressive results also with regard to the wearables sector: it was reasoned in terms of growth and shipments of units, but even then it was Apple that demonstrated a certain supremacy for the Q3 2019.

Global Mobile Handset Operating Profit Share Trends

According to the forecasts of Counterpoint Research, in Q4 2019 the results may be even more marked in favor of the giant of Cupertino, which tends to put millions of iPhones and Apple Watches under the Christmas trees all over the world. Just to be clear: in Q4 2018, the apple cellphone giant reached 80% of the sector’s total profits, it is likely that Q4 2019 will allow it to go even higher.