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Boeing dismisses its CEO for the 737 MAX crisis to restore confidence

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Amit Kumar
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The reason, as expressed in a statement, is “the need for a change of leadership to restore confidence”

Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of the Boeing aviation company, has been irrevocably expelled from the US company on Monday. The reason, as they have expressed in a statement, is “the need for a change of leadership to restore confidence.” As of today, he will be replaced by the president, David Calhoun, until they find a suitable replacement.

This situation, which seemed impossible a year ago, is due to the crisis that the company was going through since its most popular aircraft, the 737 Max, starred in two accidents that would shake the foundations of the sector. Between the two accidents, more than 346 people died due to the alleged fault of model failures and the manufacture of this type of ship.

Wall Street withdrew the company from the “Afterhours market” for a few minutes due to the news and now that it has returned to the parquet, with Wall Street open, its shares rise strongly to more than 3.2%.

Since the occurrence of the claims in Ethiopia and Malaysia, many institutions, experts and news have delved into the motives of one of the biggest catastrophes of the centennial company. In recent months, when it seemed that everything was getting ready for the Boeing 737 Max to circulate again, the alarms went off again with a return of these planes by Ryanair for “cracks and security problems”.

Although the moment of the maximum pressure that has resulted in the decision to tip the CEO of the company has been that of the US Federal Aviation Administration, which on December 12 began to analyze the design and denied the company the possibility that his model returned to the market by 2020. For its part, the United States Department of Justice undertakes a criminal investigation into the motives that led to these hundreds of deaths.

Muilenburg, who came to the leadership of the company precisely as a response to the first accident, saw how only five months later the second occurred. Although the CEO was not present in the design of the first model, there are those who are responsible for the mismanagement of the tragedies and the development of these crises. Now, when the media focus shines more than ever on Boeing, he says goodbye to the company for the same reason he entered.

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