The new task for NASA astronauts is … to make videos of cosmetic products?

The new task for NASA astronauts is ... to make videos of cosmetic products?
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NASA astronauts will film Estée Lauder products in the microgravity of the International Space Station (ISS).

As part of the Estée Lauder campaign, American astronauts will have to record photos and videos of Advanced Night Repair, a brand new skin care product.

The company may use the spatial images in advertising campaigns or other promotional materials, CNN reported.

Astronauts, however, will not appear in advertisements for cosmetics. The ethics policies of the US space agency strictly prohibit its employees from showing off in advertising campaigns.

The agreement between the cosmetics brand and the US space agency is part of an effort by the latter to encourage private investment in space projects

In addition to commercials, NASA’s efforts to commercialize space include tourism and the “production of videos for entertainment,” such as films and documentaries. In 2019, NASA announced that it would dedicate 90 hours of astronauts’ work time and assign 400 pounds of cargo – just over 180 kilograms – each year for such purposes.

“We’re dedicating a modest amount of crew time — just 5% — to commercial and marketing activities because a robust commercial space economy will support national interests and our Congressional direction to transition ‘to a regime where NASA is one of many customers of a low-Earth orbit commercial human space flight enterprise,” said Phil McAlister, NASA’s director of commercial space flight development.

Estée Lauder products are expected to be launched into space aboard the Cygnus spacecraft, which will carry more than 3,500 kilograms of cargo, experiments and supplies to the ISS.

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