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Toyota will keep its operations in Europe and Latin America suspended

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Amit Kumar
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The Toyota group announced on Monday that it will keep its operations in Europe and Latin America suspended as part of the measures taken due to the impact of COVID-19 and the reduction in demand.

Toyota has been limiting shifts and activities in all its factories distributed around the world since the coronavirus outbreak that arose in the Chinese city of Wuhan spread, and periodically reviews the dates when it expects to resume operations.

As reported by the automotive group, “until further notice” its factories in France, the United Kingdom, Poland, Turkey, Portugal and the Czech Republic will be inoperative, and it does not expect to resume production there before April 20, unless recheck the date.

As for Russia, it hopes to resume its activities on April 3.

In the case of Brazil, it anticipates that production will remain suspended, in principle, until April 20, and in Argentina until April 17.

In Brazil, it had previously calculated that it would operate again on April 3, and in Argentina from this coming Tuesday, but in both cases, it has again extended the resumption periods.

Toyota has previously decided to suspend its activities throughout North America, its main market, and production at five plants and seven production lines in Japan, as well as in South Africa and various Asian countries.

Instead, this week it plans to resume normal operations in China, where Toyota has four factories, which have been idle or working at a slow pace in recent weeks.

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