YouTube brings big banner ads on smart TVs and streaming devices

YouTube brings big banner ads on smart TVs and streaming devices

There are innovations on Youtube: The video streaming service wants to make it more attractive for advertisers to book advertising for TVsOn desktop browsers and in smartphone apps, there’s been a big banner on the top for quite some time, called Google Youtube-Masthead.

This Youtube masthead was previously not in the TV app from Youtube available in the beta test, it can be booked by advertisers recently. It will be visible just above the home page feed. A booking of the advertising format is based on TKP basis and Google promises that the advertising can be tailored to the target audience, which is to be achieved.

Google justifies this step with more and more customers consuming Youtube on TV. This is not just about the Youtube app that runs directly on the TV, but certainly also about the app, which is used on streaming devices such as Amazon’s Fire TV, Apple TV or Nvidia’s Shield TV.

Playback of the advertisement with autostart

Masthead advertising will also automatically start playing in Youtube’s TV app as soon as the app launches. This should generate as much attention as possible for Youtube users. Google’s new ad format promotes Youtube advertising on TV screens to increase advertising recall by ten percent, rather than linear television. This resulted in an experiment that Google has carried out in collaboration with Media Science.

The masthead can be booked across devices or for a specific device type to better reach the target audience. Google offers the opportunity to preview the appearance of a Youtube masthead circuit.

For now, Youtube Masthead is ready as a beta version. Google did not specify when the feature will leave the beta state.

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