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The Dark Web is looking for Investors for its global expansion

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Kamal Saini
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Considered the largest marketplace on the Dark Web, Hydra is looking for investors for its global expansion, but it could be a scam.

Hydra, one of the largest and most active marketplaces in the Dark Web, operating with illicit activities such as the sale of drugs and compounds to synthesize them, the circulation of counterfeit money and the provision of services for computer breaches, aims to expand its range of action from Russia to neighbouring countries and around the world. According to the information collected by the CoinDesk website, it will do so on December 16th, moving from what can be called a full-blown ICO.

Hydra: in the Dark Web, but global

The global expansion will require USD 146 million that will be collected in Bitcoin. 1,470,000 tokens will be made available, each of which is worth the equivalent of 100 dollars. If you buy a package of 100 units, you will be entitled to 0.0033333333% of the profits generated by the platform (estimated at 500 dollars per month). This at least on paper: we reiterate that it is an entity hidden in the meandering of the darkest part of the great Network and there are no guarantees that it is a scam that we fear in case many may bite.

According to the leaked reports, the money will be used by Hydra’s managers not only to reach new territories, but also to launch a global service called Eternos, including an exchange for cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and more), a Tor-style browser with anonymous browsing functionality and a messaging system with built-in encryption. A statement of intent emerged in the document:

A new era will begin in the West. The scope of this expansion is difficult to even imagine.

Founded in 2015 in Russia, Hydra is now believed to have 2.5 million registered accounts, nearly 400,000 of which have made at least one purchase. Usually, after making the payment, the buyer receives instructions on where to pick up the goods, sometimes at an exact point in a public space, in a park or in other places deemed safe. To make deliveries a third party, without the two heads of the transaction ever coming into contact. A team of dozens of developers, security experts and even drug consultants are also believed to be working on the project.

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