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Gram, the Telegram cryptocurrency based on a decentralized blockchain

Among the realities of the social and mobile world that are trying to implement cryptocurrency projects, there is not only Facebook with Libra: Telegram also tries to launch Gram. A virtual currency...

Forensics: How the blockchain convicts criminals

The admins of the Wall Street Markets had just grabbed the bitcoins of their criminal clientele and wanted to go underground when the police...

bloxberg: New blockchain research project for scientists

In February 2019, eleven research institutions from ten different countries joined the bloxberg consortium and started work on a blockchain project for scientists. Now the...
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Drinking more coffee may lower risk of endometrial cancer, study says

A new study suggests that drinking more coffee may reduce the risk of developing endometrial cancer, a kind of cancer that starts...

Binge-watching TV increases the risk of serious blood clots by 35%, says new study

"Being physically active does not eliminate the increased risk of blood clots associated with prolonged TV watching," warn scientists.

Common Air Pollutants Threaten Butterflies and Bees’ Ability to Find Flowers

The study found up to 70% fewer pollinators, up to 90% fewer flower visits and an overall pollination reduction of up to...

Women’s sports face greater misogynistic attitude from male football fans

A new study published today claims that openly misogynistic attitudes toward women's sport may be common among male football enthusiasts.