This is what happens when Donald Trump is more active on Twitter

US President Donald Trump Uses Social Media Channel Twitter

Donald Trump is the first president in the history of the United States to use a social network to threaten some countries or even the entire planet. Obviously, these types of publications have large-scale consequences.

For example, he once accused Amazon of destroying jobs and the company’s shares fell within hours. Sam Ro, a journalist who writes on Yahoo Finance, has published a tweet in which we see that even his activity on Twitter seems to be directly related to the ups and downs of the stock market.

The chart is based on data from Bank of America, which in turn are related to Trump’s Twitter profile. In the days that the president of the US has published about 35 tweets, the market drops 9 basis points on average.

Instead, in those days when Trump has published less than five tweets, the market rises 5 basis points on average. This chart has been created by analyzing his activity on Twitter since 2016.

The reality is that Trump’s Twitter is a kind of vortex capable of generating controversy after controversy, something that doesn’t sound too good for market stability.

Anyway, it would be possible to make an alternative interpretation of this data: perhaps Trump is more “calm” the days the market rises and is altered when the market falls (discharging his anger on the social network).

The latest controversy: unveiling the existence of a spy satellite

In fact, to look for Trump’s latest scandal on Twitter we don’t have to go far. The US president could have made sensitive information public, after uploading a satellite photo of the Iranian cosmodrome (in which there was an accident last Thursday):

As we see, along with the photo, Trump claims that the United States government has had nothing to do with this incident. Some people were surprised at the quality of the image, and ended up determining that it would have been taken by the US reconnaissance satellite USA 224.

Basically, with this “innocent” image, Trump has given a lot of information to his adversaries. Satellites capable of capturing images with such resolution are normally regulated by the authorities.

From now on, other countries will be clearer that they may have to hide certain sensitive activities if they do not want to be seen. Joshua Pollack, an expert in nuclear proliferation, called this tweet “imprudent,” and believes that “this will have global repercussions.