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Tag: china tech startups

Shenzhen, New Silicon Valley and Chinese Wall Street

The Chinese city of Shenzhen will apply a preferential visa policy for highly qualified foreign personnel, in addition to providing benefits to technology companies. The...

China’s Tech Startups Are Hiring More “Beauty Dolls”

It's a piece of human brain science to put significance on appearance while procuring, as indicated by Catherine Hakim, a scholarly research individual at Civitas, a London think tank and creator of "Honey Money: Why Attractiveness is the Key to Success.”

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Water-resistant, but … Italy fines Apple for “misleading” iPhone advertising

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Artificial intelligence solves a 50-year biological challenge

DeepMind, the British artificial intelligence (AI) company owned by Google, has solved one of the most difficult and long-lasting challenges in science. It is known...

How to prevent hypertension and cardiovascular diseases?

A team of scientists from Griffith University in Australia and Oxford University have found that reducing salt consumption is the best way to prevent...

Only a small part of the anonymous internet is used for hidden activities

People often associate anonymous or invisible internet with illegal practices. However, a new study has shown that most of the activity that takes place in...