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In China: Huawei MateBook with Deepin Linux operating system

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Kamal Saini
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Seen in China the first MateBook line of Huawei with Deepin Linux operating system: a consequence of the ban imposed by the United States?

It has often been talked about the possible consequences of the US ban on Huawei linked to the possible impossibility of being able to count on the partnership with Google for Android smartphones, but the Chinese giant could encounter some difficulties even on the PC front, where the collaboration with Microsoft has so far allowed to market devices based on the Windows operating system.

Let’s come back today to talk about it because in China the first laptops in the MateBook range (the 13, 14 and X Pro models) based on Deepin Linux were sold, sold through the official VMall.com store.

Huawei Matebook with Deepin Linux OS

For those not aware of it, this is a Linux distribution (based on Debian) known as one of the most user-friendly from the interface point of view. Wuhan Deepin Technology, a company based in China, deals almost exclusively with its development and constant updating.

The price of the three laptops in question is about $ 40 lower than the counterparts with Windows 10 and to differentiate them is the presence on the keyboard of the “Start” button that replaces the one with the typical logo of the Microsoft operating system.

Deepin operating system is also available in English and among the features recently introduced with an update is the one called Cloud Sync: as you can guess from the name it allows you to make backup settings on the remote server of a cloud infrastructure ranging from parameters connectivity to system preferences, to accounts and backgrounds, to simplify the installation process on multiple devices.

At the moment it is not given to know if the initiative will arrive in the future to interest other territories or if it is destined to remain within the Chinese borders.

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