Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is hard to repair

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is hard to repair

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the latest upgrade of the famous 2-in-1 that brings with it new in terms of autonomy, increased computing power, USB-C port and fast battery charging. The device, which ended up in the iFixit lab for an inevitable teardown, was rejected with regard to its repairability index.

The new Surface Pro 7 rejected by iFixit

The grade assigned is 1/10, the same as the predecessor Pro 6. Hard to make it worse. The analysis confirmed that the design of the internal hardware sector has remained largely unchanged over the last four years, of course, if you do not consider the generational leap of the individual components that continue to be welded and glued, making it difficult to remove and replace them. And to think that on this front the aforementioned Surface Laptop 3 has taken a small step forward, making internal memory removable, although Microsoft strongly recommends entrusting the operation to authorized personnel and not performing it in DIY mode.

Once the display is removed, the only way to access it considering that it is still a tablet, almost all parts are welded, including RAM and SSD. The battery is difficult to extract because it is glued.