Anti-coronavirus glasses: a development by Chinese scientists that reaches Latin America

Anti-coronavirus glasses: a development by Chinese scientists that reaches Latin America

The Rokid Glass 2 augmented reality glasses, developed by China’s Rokid of the city of Hangzhou, became a popular product during the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. These glasses measure the temperature of people at a distance of three meters, which allows avoiding close contact with an infected potential.

The Rokid Glass 2 combines infrared thermal imaging technology, artificial intelligence algorithm, and augmented reality imaging technology.

“The glasses are designed to provide safe, accurate and effective measurements of body temperature from a distance, which is essential during an epidemic,” the representative of the company’s international department for public relations, Wang Ying, told revyuh.

According to the specialist, the Rokid Glass 2 uses a new infrared thermal imaging sensor that detects the temperature within a range of 35.3 ℃ to 42 ℃. The measurement precision is about 0.3 ℃. The glasses take no more than two seconds to measure the temperature.

Using facial recognition technology, the glasses can measure the temperature at a distance of several meters and from 10 people at a time with a maximum of 1,000 people in one minute. Accurate measurement is guaranteed both at night and during the day, Wang Ying said.

Upon detecting an elevated human body temperature, the device emits the corresponding sound.

Meanwhile, the temperature control is just an additional function of the Rokid Glass 2 that connects with devices and computers and reproduces an augmented reality image to be able to interact with other users and the environment through the glasses. According to the company, its development is popular in factories, logistics centers, exhibitions, health and education institutions.

Wang Ying pointed out that at present more than 30 countries and regions have already purchased Rokid’s products. In particular, the glasses are already available at airports in Argentina and are also used by the Dubai ground transportation service and the Singapore metro.

Another product of the company, the Rokid T1 augmented reality glasses, which are also capable of measuring temperature, among other functions, are used in Ecuador.

“Glasses can save lives, this technology is designed to improve lives,” Rokid quotes his distributor’s comment in Ecuador.

Rokid T1s are popular in the mining industry as well. In particular, one of the buyers of these glasses is a Chilean mining company, according to the website of the Chinese company.