Goodbye to Google Clips, the smart camera

Goodbye to Google Clips, the smart camera

In 2017 the announcement of Google Clips never managed to arouse attention, due to its particular nature. It is a device halfway between a camera and a webcam to be placed at home and then forgotten. Its peculiarity: being able to manage the acquisition of images in a completely autonomous way.

Google Clips at the end of the line

Based on AI algorithms capable of recognizing who and how much is framed, it has been designed to offer users a system to capture the small and precious moments of everyday life. Someone has immediately turned upside down thinking about the implications in terms of privacy related to such a technology. Perhaps for this reason the product has never made its international debut and, apparently, now the Mountain View group seems to have chosen to abandon the idea definitively.

Clips has disappeared from the official bigG store in countries where up to the last few days it was on sale at a price of USD 249 (by someone considered excessive), just as happened with the original model of Pixel Buds earphones (replaced by the second generation) and with the Daydream View viewer dedicated to virtual reality. A new chapter for the Google hardware catalog opened with the event on Tuesday in New York where Pixel 4, Pixelbook GoNest Mini and Nest WiFi were also presented.

As you can read in the tweet above, immediately after the presentation Elon Musk is hurled Clips precisely because of its operation, potentially damaging considering the privacy. Apparently, considering the success achieved by the device perhaps not up to expectations, it was not the only one to think so.

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