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Apple Arcade is now available for iOS 13 users: complete video game catalog

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Amit Kumar
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One of the great subscription launches of 2019 is Apple Arcade, a service with which the Cupertino company wants to change the rules of the game of mobile video games. For 4.99 euros per month, it will offer for all users that subscribe a service in which the current monetization techniques via micro-payments or advertising that the entire industry has followed will not be accommodated.

The launch of Apple Arcade was planned for September 19. However, users who are already on iOS 13 or iOS 13.1 beta are allowed to access the App Store from September 16. The subscription process can not be easier, because Arcade is shown as a highlight more more from the bottom bar of the App Store on iOS, next to ‘Today’, ‘Games’, ‘Apps’ and ‘Search’.

When accessing, a button appears, ‘Try it for free’, on which pressing the classic iOS subscription message appears, where Apple warns that after the test month, Apple Arcade will suppose 4.99 euros per month, with the same price for ‘In Family’. Before subscribing, Face ID facial recognition is requested and, after being verified, we will be able to play the catalog that we will now review.

Video games released in the Apple Arcade catalog

Since its introduction, the list of video game developers that has confirmed that it will release titles in Apple Arcade has been enlarged. Downloading games is as easy as ever in an app store. Clicking on ‘Get’ starts the download, and you don’t need an Internet connection to play once they have been installed. These are all the titles that can be played as of today:

  1. Oceanhorn 2
  2. Hot Lava
  3. Sayonara Wild Hearts
  4. Mutazione
  5. Over the Alps
  6. Assemble with Care
  7. Dodo Peak
  8. Lego Brawls
  9. Frogger in Toy Town
  10. Grindstone
  11. Overland
  12. Cat Quest II
  13. Mini Motorways
  14. Don’t Bug Me !
  15. Spaceland
  16. The Pinball Wizard
  17. tint.
  18. Spek.
  19.  Projection: First Light
  20. Speed ​​Demons
  21. Big Time Sports
  22. Dead End Job
  23. Cricket Through the Ages
  24. Bleak Sword
  25. Exit the Gungeon
  26. Agent Intercept
  27. Shantae and the Seven Sirens
  28. What the golf ?
  29. Card of Darkness
  30. Reasons
  31. Stellar Commanders
  32. Where Cards Fall
  33. Rayman Mini
  34. Punch Planet
  35. Sneaky Sasquatch
  36. Operator 41
  37. Red Reign
  38. Various Daylife
  39. King’s League II
  40. Explottens
  41. Spelldrifter
  42. The Get Out Kids
  43. Way of the Turtle
  44. Lifeside
  45. Neo Cab
  46. Skate City
  47. Enchanted world
  48. Shinsekai Into the Depths
  49. Word Laces
  50. Dear Reader
  51. ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree
  52. Tangle Tower
  53. Dread Nautical

As we see, it is a catalog that is clear that at the moment it does not point to hardcore gamers, nor probably it intends, but for 4.99 euros it offers to play new games like Oceanhorn 2, whose predecessor has a cost of 8.99 euros in the App Store. It will have to be the player who considers whether this catalog is sufficient.

It should be noted that if during the trial period you cancel the subscription, Apple does not allow you to play more for free, having to pay even if the first month has not yet been fulfilled. This is a substantial difference with the traditional trial period of other great technology.

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