CES 2020: In Las Vegas, Sony unveils The PS5 … at least its logo

CES 2020: In Las Vegas, Sony unveils The PS5 ... at least its logo

Despite some rumors and unlike Microsoft, the Japanese manufacturer did not want to show more at its media conference earlier this year.

Because Microsoft has already revealed what its next Xbox Series X will look like, it was at the Game Awards last December, it was thought that Sony would come out of the woods at CES 2020 in Las Vegas in full swing.

Not really actually. The Japanese manufacturer, during the night of Monday to Tuesday, during its conference dedicated to its entire range of products, actually mentioned the PlayStation 5, it’s new generation game console to come but was content to reveal the logo and nothing else. A logo in line with the previous ones. For a surprise we will come back.

“Sony has unveiled the PlayStation 5 logo. We hope you are seated …” comments the funny tweet from Eurogamer.

We, therefore, remain on the few pieces of information already specified: the PS5 (like the Xbox Series X) will be released in the holiday season 2020. It promises performance revised upwards, loading times for games drastically reduced, a reader of 4K Blu-ray disc and some other graphic refinements.

Should we expect in 2020 a competition of the type “who has the biggest?”. It’s more than likely. In the spans, speculation, based on more or less reliable sources, already drives out the others.