Microsoft’s gamertag: “duplicates” are now allowed and support for more languages ​​is added

Microsoft's gamertag:
Microsoft's gamertag: "duplicates" are now allowed and support for more languages ​​is added

gamertag is the method we use on the Xbox to identify ourselves. But since its arrival in 2002, many years have passed. A time in which we have seen great growth with a user base that has not stopped increasing in the 17 years of life of the platform, users who have been creating their corresponding gamertag to reach a whopping of more than 50 million records.

This means that at a certain time the possibility of using an original name (as with phone numbers) is exhausted, especially when it includes the arrival of Xbox Live is suspected to other platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Android or iOS. Are Gamertag sold out? At least the most commonly sought, something that has motivated the new movement of Microsoft.

Gamertag can be duplicated

And it is now possible to use an identifier even if it is already in use by another user. We can use a gamertag even if it is already in use by someone else, something that can lead to duplicities. To avoid this, Microsoft has devised a system by which an ID number separated by a hyphen will be automatically assigned to identify users. In my case I am “wxyz” and if someone wants to call himself that, he would have a gamertag that could have this name “wxyz-1234”.

In this way, the death of the old or abandoned user names or even those that are approaching their expiration date, would have the hours counted.

In parallel Microsoft have announced a new measure. And that is the support for 10 new alphabets that allow us to give more character to our gamertag. In this way the Xbox identifiers will offer support for more than 200 languages.

  • Basic Latin
  • Supplementary Latin
  • Hangul
  • Katakana
  • Hiragana
  • CJK symbols for languages in China, Japan and Korea
  • Bengali
  • Devanagari
  • Cyrillic
  • Thai

Also, if you want to change the gamertag , you have to remember that the change is free on the first occasion, while from the second time you want to change your name you will have to pay 10 euros.

On the Microsoft support page you have the instructions with the steps to change the gamertagThese updates are now available and can be applied by all Xbox Live users.