Nintendo has apparently stopped Super Mario Bros for C64

Nintendo has apparently stopped Super Mario Bros for C64
Nintendo has apparently stopped Super Mario Bros for C64

Only a few days after the release of the classic Super Mario Bros for the home computer C64, the game can no longer be downloaded from some of the larger sites, as Torrent Freak has discovered.

Anyone who tries to download something about a link published by the programmer Zeropaige in a forum only gets an error message with the note “File was deleted from server” . Also, the North American PDC Commodore Club has the title no longer on offer. On Twitter it says that he had to remove “due to a deletion notification” .

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The club wishes all those who have downloaded Super Mario Bros on the C64, have fun. If you invest some time in the search, the disk image of the program should continue to be found on the net.

Who is behind the deletion notification, says the Commodore Club not. However, it is quite likely that they are Nintendo’s lawyers. The company has been uncompromisingly against any copyright infringement for years – even if, like the Super Mario Bros port on the C64, it’s fan projects with no apparent profit-making intent.

Behind the implementation is a programmer who has worked for his own account for about seven years to Mario for the C64. The biggest challenge was simply that the “bread box” of Commodore clocked much slower than the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the Famicon, for which the original appeared in Japan in 1985 and a year later in Europe.

Super Mario Bros runs both directly on the hardware of the C64 and via emulator. The program runs either as an NTSC version, ie with 60 Hz, or as a PAL version with 50 Hz. According to the developer, the implementation should cope with most versions of the C64 and the Commodore 128 without significant problems.

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