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Pokémon Go: Raid week and new monsters

A week full of raids is to initiate the summer in the smartphone game Pokémon Go. In addition, since Friday evening, new Pokémon have appeared in the game.

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Aakash Molpariya
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Shortly after the film launch event, Pokémon Go is starting its next action: a raid week with special events on Wednesday and Saturday.

Knowing that not everybody wants to bang their fingers on raids, the development studio Niantic is releasing new Pokémon of the fourth generation in parallel with the players. Special lock modules unlock more monsters, including two new developmental directions for game mascot Evoli.

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The “Special Raid Week” officially goes from May 21st to May 28th, 2019 and starts at 10:00 pm (1:00 pm PDT). In Germany, the raids are likely to start on Wednesday, because Niantic has ended the distribution of the raid eggs so far at 21 clock. On the occasion of the Raid Week, the Raid bosses will be exchanged on Wednesday. Frustratingly, the official announcement only lists which Pokémon compete in Raid battles, but does not mention which ones are new – players should work it out for themselves.

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At level 1, Bronzel, Bummelz and Machollo are added; from the previous selection remains only Sheinux. Level 2 Raids are new: Barschwa, Bidifas, Kirlia, Perlu and Traunfugil – only Flunkifer stays here. Level 3 offers three new opponents: Aerodactyl, Bojelin and Chaneira. Raichu (Alola-Form) and Sichlor are preserved. In Stage 4, Dragoran and Metagross are new; Absol, Despotar and Knogga (Alola-Form) belonged to the current opponent assortment even before the raid week.

Raid Fighters of all levels will be rewarded with twice as much stardust and double experience points (XP). In addition, Bronzel should appear in a dazzling version – whether that will only be the case in raids or even wild catch, Niantic has left open in his announcement. The iridescent bronze is olive green.

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After there were always unannounced raid-hours in the past weeks, on Wednesday, the 22nd of May 2019 from 6 to 7 pm a “raid-hour” officially takes place. In this period start in (almost) all arenas various raids.

In the previous “legendary raid hours” Niantic has switched only level 5 raids, clearly recognizable by the dark marbled color of the eggs. In the “Raid Hour” on Wednesday, however, eggs for all five Raid levels to appear. That’s what casual gamers can do: to beat a level 5 boss, regular players must find at least three, better four, teammates.

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Level 4 raids, on the other hand, can usually be done in threes, level 3 bosses in pairs or even on their own. Bringing together four sufficiently strong players on a Wednesday evening requires luck and planning; Raids of lower levels with interesting opponents are a good comfort.

On Saturday, Niantic also announces the “Lapras Raid Day”. The event runs in the old community days, ie from 11 to 14 o’clock. For three hours, the Ice and Water Pokémon Lapras appears everywhere as a raid opponent, for the first time in a dazzling form ( it’s purple ).

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Players should receive five free raid passes during this period. If Niantic remains at the dosage form known from past events, players will not receive these bonus passes in one fell swoop, but always after consumption of the last free pass.

To delay the game’s content, Niantic has split the release of the fourth monster generation in Pokémon Go into small tranches. On Friday evening, five new Pokémon and their stages of development materialized without notice. They hide in eggs as well as in the wild.

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The Beetle Pokémon Burmy appears in a cloak of rags, plants or sand. The concrete form depends on the environment in which it appears (city, land or beach / water). Depending on gender, Burmy develops either to Burmadame or Moterpel. The female development Burmadame throws herself back into three different cloaks; the male fly beetle Moterpel always looks the same.

The cherry-like plant Pokémon Kikugi is developing into Kinoso. Here, the form of development depends on the weather: in bad weather, it develops into a cloud form, with a good form of sun. In Hannover, above all, the cloud form appears. The hippopotamus-like ground Pokémon Hippoptas looks simpler: It has only one development, Hippoterus. Very rare is the land shark Kaumalat, which can develop over Knoksel to Knakrack. According to first player reports Kaumalat hatches like his cousin Dratini from 10-km-eggs. From the water Pokémon Schalellos there are two local variants: a pink for the western sea, a light blue for the eastern sea. The further development Gastrodon is also color-coded.

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In the in-game shop, three new lock module types have materialized. They carry the intent glacier, moss and magnet and attract each different Pokémon types. Lock modules are extensions for Pokéstops, the in-game refueling stations for balls, potions and other bonus items. If a player puts a lock module into a Pokéstop, additional Pokémon materialize within the stop for half an hour.

Normal Lockmodule cost 100 pokers coins and ensure that every three minutes a new Pokémon of any type appears. The new special lock modules cost 200 poké coins, but every one and a half minutes a new Pokémon appear.

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Here the Pokémon type depends on the Lockmodul type: around a glacier lock module monsters of the type ice and water accumulate; a moss lock module attracts poison, beetle and plant Pokémon and a magnetic lock module attracts electro, rock and steel monsters into its catchment area. The new lock modules also unlock additional development stages. If a player turns the suitably equipped Pokéstop, then Evoli, Magneton and Nasgnet can be developed into new monsters.

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As with the previous Evoli developments, Folipurba and Glaziola have a trick to force evolution. This method works only once per development – that is, after the first forced development, the game ignores the trick. If you name an Evoli in “Linnea”, it becomes Folipurba. Calling it “Rea”, it develops into Glaziola. The silhouette next to the “Develop” button shows the corresponding outline.

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If one of the developments has already been brought about via a lock module, a mini-view of the Pokémon appears instead of the contour (see pictures). (For newcomers the other name tricks: Rainer produces Aquana, Sparky produces Blitza, Pyro produces Flamara, Tamao produces Nachtara and Sakura produces Psiana, these tricks only work once).

13th to 22nd of May Go Snapshot Competition: Creative Challenge
May 21st to 28th Special raid week (from 10 pm)
May 22 Raid hour (6-7pm)
25. May Lapras Raid Day (11 am – 2 pm)
June 8 (Saturday) Community Day
June 13-16 Go Fest 2019 USA (Chicago)
4th to 7th of July Go Fest 2019 Europe (Westfalenpark Dortmund)
July 21st (Sunday) Community Day
3rd of August (Saturday) Community Day
6th to 12th of August Pikachu Outbreak & Go Fest 2019 Japan (Yokohama)


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