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Pokemon GO update brings 10 new crypto-Pokémon from Team GO Rocket

Pokemon GO update bring 10 new crypto-Pokémon from Team GO Rocket

Ten new crypto-Pokémon can be caught in Pokémon GO. By update, Niantic brings new pocket monsters from Team GO Rocket into the game, which you can now take off the evil villain. And especially one of the new Crypto Pokémon you should not miss, as it is strong and has great potential.

Niantic announces via app message that ten new crypto-Pokémon are catchable in Pokémon GO. The evil pocket monsters captured by Team GO Rocket can now be found at black PokéStops.

Which ten Crypto Pokémon Niantic has added with the update, shows the US gaming website Pokémon GO Hub. Below we have listed them for you.

These 10 new crypto-Pokémon appear

  • Crypto Bluzuk
  • Crypto Omot
  • Crypto Oddish
  • Crypto Duflor
  • Crypto Psyduck
  • Crypto Fukano
  • Crypto-Abra
  • Crypto Hitmonchan
  • Crypto Larvitar
  • Crypto Turtwig

Especially Crypto-Larvitar stands out from the crowd, as it evolves into the particularly strong Pokémon Despotar. Because redeemed Crypto-Pokémon also require less resources for development and are generally stronger than normal Pokémon of their kind, you should catch a Crypto Larvitar for your collection as quickly as possible.

In addition, the app message from Niantic reveals yet another interesting detail about Crypto-Pokémon. The developers write that Crypto-Pokémon can not learn Community Day-exclusive attacks. That would also apply to Crypto-Chelast, which is catchable on Community Day on September 15, 2019. But you can work around this problem by releasing Chelast on Community Day before you develop it.

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