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RED MAGIC 3: Nubia introduces gaming smartphone with built-in fan

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Kuldeep Singh
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Chinese manufacturer Nubia has unveiled its new gaming smartphone Red Magic 3. The device is the successor to the Red Magic Mars, which the company presented at CES 2019. The Red Magic 3 is also aimed primarily at users who want to play on the go on their smartphone.

For this, the smartphone has some extras installed: So users can use a mapping tool screen buttons on a gamepad. Playing on the 6.65-inch Full HD Plus screen, you can use two sensor shoulder buttons in addition to the on-screen controls. These are installed at the top when the smartphone is held transversely.

The Red Magic Mars also has an additional switch that allows you to activate a game mode. This opens the Red Magic Game Space 2.0, a dashboard that allows users to load games or change system settings.

For example, notifications can be blocked or a screen capture can be started. In addition, the speed of the built-in fan can be adjusted: The Red Magic 3 has a fan next to a heat pipe, which is to cool the Snapdragon 855 SoC from Qualcomm with Adreno 640 graphics unit.

The battery of the smartphone has a nominal charge of 5,000 mAh, the manufacturer does not provide details at runtime. Thanks to a 30-watt power supply, the battery can be recharged very quickly: Ten minutes of charging time should be sufficient for one hour of gaming. The smartphone is delivered with Android 9.

Front speaker and RGB lighting

The Red Magic 3 has front-facing stereo speakers that are designed to provide good 3D sound even without headphones. The smartphone will be available in three memory configurations: Either with 128 GB of flash memory and 6 or 8 GB of RAM or with 256 GB of flash memory and 12 GB of RAM. On the back of a 48-megapixel camera with Sony sensor is installed, as well as a RGB lighting.

The Red Magic 3 will be available from May 3, 2019 in China and also in Europe in May of this year. A price Nubia has not yet called – the predecessor Red Magic Mars was relatively cheap, despite official announcements by the manufacturer but never officially came to market.

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