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Stadia and YouTube, one with Crowd Play feature

Thanks to the Crowd Play feature, YouTube viewers can join multiplayer games on Stadia immediately, with just one click.

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Related to gaming is one of the most successful types of content on YouTube with over 200 million users (data provided by Google) who connect to the platform every day to use it. The integration with the streaming service by Stadia will be one of the strengths of the bigG offer in the cloud gaming area, as already anticipated on the occasion of the announcement staged in March.

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Stadia: YouTube and the Crowd Play feature

Let’s come back today to talk about it as a result of the appearance of a post, on the official Stadia blog dedicated to developers, which focuses on Crowd Play: it will allow viewers to join the multiplayer games they are watching, either immediately or by entering a list waiting time if necessary: just press a button.

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There will be no need to make any downloads or to proceed with the installation of the title, thanks to the management of the completely delegated platform to the data center servers. So Google explains how Crowd Play works.

When someone broadcasts a multiplayer match from Stadia, he can activate the Crowd Play option if the developer has implemented it in the title … During the streaming, the viewer will see a button on YouTube that will allow him to queue up and wait for his turn to to play.

Once the wait is over, the “Queue” button will turn into “Join Now” and if pressed, the viewer will immediately find himself immersed in the game, as a player. To allow this, the developer will have to implement an API specifically made available by bigG in the title. Whoever started the session, therefore the manager of the YouTube channel, has powers of moderation: he can at any time decide to exclude one or more players from the games or to prevent them from sending written or voice messages.

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We remind you that the subscription to the Stadia Pro formula (from € 9.99 per month) does not include access to the titles, which must be purchased separately. Therefore, if the spectator in question does not own the game that is the subject of the streaming, pressing the Crowd Play button will be asked to buy it.

As written at the beginning, Crowd Play has all the credentials to become one of the most interesting features of Stadia, an added value through which Google will try to overcome the competition of Microsoft xCloud and the other protagonists that will appear in the sector of cloud gaming, including leveraging YouTube’s popularity. For the feature to fully express its potential, however, it will first be necessary to convince developers and software companies to implement it in games.

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