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Steam now shows the game’s size before you click “install”

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The Steam desktop client interface is still being improved by Valve in order to present more relevant information. With the most recent beta client update, one of the most important pieces of information about a game will now be displayed right on the game page: the required disk space.

At the present, this information is only visible when you click the ‘Install’ button on a game’s page in your library. It may not appear to be much, yet it contains vital information that is useful to have at a glance.

This feature is available in the beta version of Steam, but it will be rolling out to all users soon. 

If you want to join the Steam beta to try out new features right away, just open the Steam client, click on Steam in the top menu > Settings > Account and change your beta participation from ‘None’ to ‘Steam Beta Update’. 

Then just restart Steam to notice the changes.

Steam Deck is likely to make Steam a better experience for everyone

Valve is continuing to optimize its PC gaming platform as it prepares for the debut of the long-awaited Steam Deck, and these types of enhancements have the clear goal of boosting the experience there, where storage is valued more than gold, but they wind up benefiting everyone’s experience.

We just learnt that they are working on a system that will allow us to play video games before they finish downloading, something that has been available on consoles for years, dating back to the days of the PS4 and Xbox One, and which would be useful on Steam and its Deck.

While Valve is revolutionizing the gaming landscape on Linux, it has also been transforming its client interface since the end of 2019 with the addition of a new library and collections, as well as an increasing number of customization choices and modifications for organizing our games.

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You were reading: Steam now shows the game’s size before you click “install”

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