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The Last of Us Part 2: Naughty Dog’s ambitious game for PS4 and PS5?

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Kamal Saini
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Of all the exclusives that were expected, and expected, for PlayStation 4 ‘The Last of Us: Part 2’ (TLOUP2) is undoubtedly the one that continues to cause more expectation today, and of which curiously little is known. And this 2019 has been particularly very strange for Sony, who has remained almost silent and away from the big video game fairs.

For this reason we have decided to gather all the information and rumors surrounding The Last of Us: Part 2, which has already become the most ambitious and important project of Naughty Dog and even Sony.

At what stage is the game development

The Last of Us: Part II was announced during the PlayStation Experience (PSX) in December 2016, which would be a direct sequel to ‘The Last of Us’ in 2013 . Since then we have been receiving dropper information, even without definitive details and with clues that have unleashed all kinds of theories.

Yes, the wait has felt eternal, but the little that has been confirmed of the development is that the kinematics were finished filming last April. And in May we learned, through Anthony Newman, one of the directors of the game along with Neil Druckmann, that TLOUP2 was finally close to completing its development.

The story of The Last of Us: Part II was written by Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross, while Gustavo Santaolalla returned to compose the music. In the case of Bruce Straley, who was the artistic director of ‘The Last of Us’, he did not participate in this second installment after his departure at the end of the development of ‘ Uncharted 4 ‘.

What about the plot

In addition to Druckmann and Gross, Naughty Dog signed the famous screenwriter Halley Gross (‘Westworld’, ‘Law & Order’), as one of the goals was to be able to further develop the story of Joel and Ellie. In fact, Druckmann confirmed that Joel and Ellie are the only two main characters in this series, however, so far Ellie has been the only one who has appeared in the trailers.

There is still a lot of mystery about the game, but we know it will take place five years after the first ‘The Last of Us’. Ellie, now 19, will be the protagonist and not Joel, who is already 50 years old. They live in the safe haven community in Jackson County, Wyoming, where they reached the end of the first installment.

This means that the safest thing is that Joel is still missing, although it is not ruled out that he will appear later in the game. Of course, the one we can play with Joel will be almost impossible, since during E3 2018 Druckmann confirmed that Ellie would be the only character we can control, although everything can change in the end.

The most ambitious game that Naughty Dog has ever done

Last July, actor Troy Baker, who puts the voice of Joel on TLOUP2, mentioned the following during an interview:

“I can tell you this: it is without a doubt the most ambitious game that Naughty Dog has ever done. It is much bigger than I thought would be possible.”

And it is that according to the actor, for this game Naughty Dog sought to take another turn towards the storytelling, where the kinematics are mixed with the gameplay without losing rhythm, looking for us to be part of the action but we also enter the story. For this reason it is said that TLOUP2 will lose the linear factor of the first delivery and will bet more on an open world with several possibilities.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago in the Reddit dedicated to TLOUP2 the user known as ‘TheTom8’ threw a lot of supposed information of the game, since he affirmed that he was in contact with someone within the development of the game.

‘TheTom8’ resumed part of what Baker mentioned, ensuring that the game will be visually stunning, where the movie-cut scenes will be indistinguishable from the gameplay, making the game look like an interactive movie.

Among all the details that the user threw on Reddit it is mentioned that TLOUP2 is the biggest game in the history of Naughty Dog, which “will show impressive images that explore lighting and dynamic graphics like never before”, as we would be before a new graphic engine developed by Naughty Dog especially for the next generation of Sony.

Affirms that facial expressions and polygons reached four times the complexity of ‘Uncharted, Lost Legacy’, and that the work done in Ellie was “deep and heavy”, since it is sought that players feel the tension and the need to survive as never before had a game been worked on.

Finally, on August 27 during the GameStop Managers Conference (GME Conference) a new advance of TLOUP2 was presented where new gameplay was shown, which those who saw it speak of the presence of different “lights and fire” that illuminated the stage. They also mention that clashes finally appeared, extremely violent, against the clickers, the famous enemies of the series that are infected by the Cordyceps fungus.

The first great exclusive of PlayStation 5

In case the above was not enough to raise the hype, ‘TheTom8’ also mentioned that TLOUP2 would be the first major exclusive for the next generation of Sony consoles, known so far as PlayStation 5. In fact it states that Sony and Naughty Dog are They have taken things slowly to perfect every detail of the game, as it will serve to “show the world the features offered by the PS5”.

He also said that Sony is betting everything on TLOUP2, as it will be its strongest card for the launch of its next console, hence there is that emphasis on the realism of graphics and that interactive factor between kinematics and gameplay.

An important point is that TLOUP2 will also arrive on the PlayStation 4, as promised since its development was confirmed, so we would be facing the first game that would be on both consoles. And it is that the objective, according to the information, is to demonstrate the power of the PS5 but also to give the franchise fans the opportunity to have access to the game even if they do not buy the new console.

When it will be for sale

We get to the most important part of all this: when can we play it? If we rely on the official information, we will have to refer to the words of Arne Meter, communications director of Naughty Dog, who mentioned that they will show the game “when ready.” That is, there is nothing official at the moment.

But if we go to the rumors, we will see that there is more cloth to cut from. We started with actress Ashley Johnson, who gives voice to Ellie, who during an interview came up with a “February”, and immediately asked to eliminate that part of the interview since it was a joke.

Interestingly, February 2020 is also the bet of Jason Schreier of Kotaku, who announced the release date of ‘Death Stranding’ before it was official. However, this date would refer to the PS4 version, as it is said that the PS5 version would be released in late autumn, along with the console.

But that’s not all, since at the end of July in one of the 4Chan forums, a user said he had access to exclusive information from TLOUP2 ensuring that the game had been delayed from February to May 22, 2020. Of course you have to take this information with reservations as it is not official.

Fortunately it seems that we will not have to wait long to have new details of TLOUP2, since a few days ago Geoff Keighley, producer of The Game Awards, confirmed that there will be an event focused on the expected game this September 24. The event will be exclusive to the press and will be held in the city of Los Angeles at a time that has not been announced.

In this event the launch of a new trailer with gameplay is expected, which could be the one that was shown during the GME Conference, as well as the expected release date. Undoubtedly good news after the confusion that we would see something of TLOUP2 during the next Madrid Games Week 2019 in October, something that Sony finally came to clarify that it was a misunderstanding.

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